True Balanced Circuits

A balanced connector really stands for true balanced circuit?

For a source the best kind of connection is the balanced one, but are you sure that there is a real balanced circuit behind?


What is a balanced circuit?

A balanced circuit is used to reduce the noises and interferences on very long cables. It has two identical conductors, but with different polarities, and is isolated from potential noises in the audio ground circuit.
At the end they are mixed together to recreate a perfect noiseless signal.

RCA cables are the standard for home audio connections, but are susceptible to signal noise. If you are looking for the best sound quality, a balanced signal is the best. If it is really balanced.
To get the benefits of a balanced connection, you must have both source and amplifier with true balanced circuits.
There is a big problem with this king of connection: because it requires doubled circuits, it doubles also the production's costs...

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A balanced connector


True balanced circuit

Notice 4 identical circuits. To make a true balanced circuit you need two channels for the right output, and other two for the left output


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Rebuilt balanced circuit

There are two identical circuits, but a true balanced connection needs 4 channels to be mixed in two. To make this and to reduce costs, the manufacturer use opamps to duplicate the signal for the balanced outputs.

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