Mono vs dual mono

A true dual mono amplifier must have everything doubled and simmetrical

A dual mono amplifier and source, or a monophonic amplifier has the right and left channel separated. This will avoid electrical interferences between the channels and this improves the soundstage. 


Because each channel has a dedicated power supply, this allow to get the maximum dynamic power.

 Also the sources like a cd player can be dual mono.


 learn dual mono standard amplifier b2

Standard amplifier

As you can see, there is no simemtrical circuit, so there is no dual mono at all.


learn dual mono partially

Partially dual mono

The AC power circuit is dual mono


learn dual mono standard amplifier

Partially dual mono

The power board is dual mono, but there a also two ac transformers, one for the power amplifier section, and the other one for the preamp.


learn real dual mono amplifier

Almost dual mono

Everything is doubled and simmetrical, except for the preamp section


learn extreme dual mono amplifier

True dual mono

Except for the ac inlet, this is a true dual mono. Everything is doubled and simmetrical. You can notice this also by simply looking to the real panel.


learn mono amplifier

Mono amplifier

A mono amplifier is a device that contains only one channel, so you need 2 pieces for stereo, or more for a surround sistem or multi-amplification.

A mono amplifier will allow you to avoid electrical interferences between channels, and to get the maximum audio quality. But obviously this is not always true, because the cabinet is the more expensive part of a product. Example: you are interest into two amps: 

 two monos form the brand X

one dual mono form the brand Y

 You may think that the two monos are better the the other one, but if you don't check their inside circuits, you are risking to paying more for the cabinets than for the circuits, and so the dual-mono might be better built the monofonic ones.

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