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Salvatore Scarfone (Owner)

Via Orazio,9   88021 Borgia, CZ Italy

Tel.: 3336845654

Who sent images


Vela Audio

Integrated amplifier (Integrated amplifier); Cd Player (cd player); Integrated amplifier with Airtech Evo upgrade (Integrated amplifier) ; Cd Player with Airtech Evo upgrade (cd player);

Sanders Sound Systems (Flavio)  

ESL (power amplifier);  Magtech (power amplifier)


SE50 Reference (Integrated amplifier)

Eam Lab  

PA-2600 (Power amplifier); TO 3.8 (Power amplifier)

Goldenote And Blacknote

for general help


300B PSE (Integrated amplifier); Dueventi SE (Integrated amplifier); 300B Monoblock (power amplifier) PHL5-V2 (preamplifier)

Asr Audio

various Emitter integrated amplifiers hd photos and general help

Rockna Audio

Rockna Wavequest Reference Transport (cd transport)

Audio Nemesis 

DC-1-UE-upgrade-edition (dac); DC-1-VLE-very-limited-edition (dac); PA-1M (power amplifier)


Linear (preamp); Avista (integrated amplifier)


Various HD photos of their products



  • Marantz SR-12S1 (av amplifier)

Volker Gassenbauer

  • Musical Fidelity M6CD (cd player)

Rady Radev

  • Proac: D Two speakers

Nick M

  • Kinergetics: Chiro C-800 surround preamplifier

Beppe (Blucatenaria)

  • Threshold SL-10 (preamplifier)

Alessandro Gagliano

  • MBL: 8010(power amplifier)
  • Kiom: Assolo(integrated amplifier)


  • Emm Labs: CDSA ; CDSA SE ; CDSD+ DCC2 (cd player+dac)
  • Lamm: L2 Reference ; LL1 Signature ; LL2 Signature ; LP2 (preamplifier)

Carmelo Chianura

  • Audio Analogue: Maestro SE (preamplifier) ; Maestro 70 (integrated amplifier)
  • Am Audio: A-20 (power amplifier)


  • Classè: DR3B (preamplifier)
  • Sugden: A21 SE (integrated amplifier)
  • Esoteric: P-01 D-01 (transport+Dac)


  • Pass Labs: X150.5 (power amplifier)
  • Marantz: SA-11S1 (sacd player)
  • Spectral: 30SL G2 (preamplifier)
  • Aesthetix: Calypso (preamplifier)

Marino Corbetta (Cubertin)

  • Ensemble: Corifeo (power amplifier) ; Virtuoso (preamplifier)
  • Ead: CD-1000 (cd player)
  • Pioneer: SM-83 (integrated amplifier)
  • Sony: ST-SDB900 (dab tuner)
  • Cambridge Audio: Azur 540P (phono preamplifier)
  • Nikko: NT-790 (tuner)
  • Rotel: RCD-850 (cd player)

Stefano Tommesani

  • AH!: Njoe Tjoeb upsampler
  • Nad: L53 (av receiver)
  • Audible Illusions: Modulus 3 (preamplifier)


  • Audia Flight: Flight Pre (preamplifier) ; Flight 100 (power amplifier)

Marco (Ken Parker)

  • Perreaux: 3370 (power amplifier)

Angelo Florio

  • Denon: DCD-201SA (cd player)

Giovanni Martelli

  • Krell: Evolution two (preamplifier)

Davide (Lupocerviero)

  • Harman/Kardon: HK-3390 (integrated amplifier)

Guido Rizzo

  • Naim: NAP-110 (power amplifier) ; NAC-62 (preamplifier) ; NAC-42.5 (preamplifier) ; Hi Cap (power supply) ; NAC-32.5 (preamplifier) ; NAP-140 (power amplifier) ; NAP-250 (power amplifier)

Matteo Minchio

  • Mcintosh: MC300 (power amplifier)

Alessandro (Alemails)

  • Accuphase: P-350 (power amplifier)
  • Aria: VW5 (preamplifier)
  • Prism: Orpheus (digital interface)
  • Plinius: SA-100 MKIII (power amplifier)


  • Edge: G2 (preamplifier)
  • Jadis: JA-80 (power amplifier)

Sandro (Barabinos)

  • Audio Research: LS17 (preamplifier)


  • Restek: Editor (preamplifier) ; Ergo (tuner) ; Scalar (tuner) ; Emas (phono preamplifier) ; MRIAA+ (phono preamplifier) ; Extract (power amplifier) ; Epos (cd player) ; Radiant III (cd player) ; Extent (power amplifier) ;  Challenger (integrated amplifier) ;Jubilee (power amplifier)
  • Unison Research: Unico 100 (integrated amplifier) ; Reference Pre (preamplifier) ; S6 first version (integrated amplifier)
  • The Gryphon: L.E. Limited Edition preamplifier (preamplifier) ; Mirage (preamplifier) ; Legato (phono) ; Orestes (phono) ; Callisto 2200 (integrated amplifier) ; Encore (power amplifier) ; S100 (power amplifier)
  • Mcintosh: MVP891 (blu ray player) ; C40 (preamplifier)
  • Pass Labs: XP-15 (phono preamplifier)
  • Mark Levinson: NO.23 (power amplifier)
  • Goldmund: Mimesis 10 (dac)
  • Boulder: 1010 (preamplifier)
  • Fosgate Audionics: Model 4 (surround processor)
  • Amazon Audio: CD1 (cd player)
  • Anthem: MCA-30 (mhc power amplifier)
  • Trigon: Advance (phono preamplifier)

Marco Burdesi

  • JVC: JA-S22 (integrated amplifier)


  • Densen: B400+ (cd player)

Michele Olivieri

  • Sudgen: SPA-4 Masterclass (power amplifier)

Filippo Cristallo

  • Sudgen: A21A (integrated amplifier)

Antonio Milano

  • Ensemble: Evocco (another version integrated amplifier)

Emanuele Lanzellotti (Biggy)

  • Luxman: L-509U (integrated amplifier)

Matt Hoyle

  • Matrix: Quattro (dac)

Tim Rhudy

  • Cairn: CO-2 (power amplifier)

Luca Anelli (Amuro Rey)

  • Nova: NIA-2 (integrated amplifier)

Pietro Merella (Pedro59)

  • Aloia: ST-260 (power amplifier)

Michael Damen

  • Sony: CDP-337ESD (cd player)

Niko Chaffin

  • Sherwood: S-7200 (receiver)
  • Technics: SA-400 (receiver)
  • Yamaha: R-300 (receiver)

Giuliano (Gug74)

  • Nakamichi: CA-5EII (preamplifier) ; PA-7EII (power amplifier)

Antonio Luigi Fabi (Alf900)

  • Mpn Audio: Audio F-3 (power amplifier) ; Audio P-1 (preamplifier)
  • Melos: MA-220 (preamplifier)
  • Klyne: LX7-3.5B (preamplifier)

Gianluca Frau

  • Nad: C355BEE (integrated amplifier) ; C515BEE (cd player)
  • Pro-Ject: Phonobox SE II (phono preamplifier)

Tomo Z

  • Monrio: MP-2 (power amplifier) ; MP-2 (power amplifier)


  • Pioneer: PD-91 (cd player)  ; PD-3000 (cd player)

Luca Niespolo

  • Aeron: A-160 (integrated amplifier)
  • Marantz: EQ551 (equalizer)
  • Technics: SL-PG360A (cd player)
  • Nakamichi: MB-3 (cd player)

Giacomo (Geronimo)

  • Audio Analogue: Fortissimo with Airtech Upgrade (integrated amplifier)


  • Electrocompaniet: ECI-3 (integrated amplifier) ; ECT2 (remote controller)

Morten Teinum

  • Burson: DA160 (dac) ; PRE160 (preamplifier) ; PP160 (power amplifier) ; HA160D (headphone amplifier) ; AB160 (buffer)
  • Rega: Brio ( (integrated amplifier)

H.J.C.P. Boley

  • Marantz: CD-14 (cd player)
  • Mark Levinson: NO.33 (power amplifier) ; NO.532 (power amplifier) ; NO.332 (power amplifier)

Vladimir Sedov (VS140)

  • 3D Lab: Millenium (cd player) ; Millenium (dac)
  • Linn: Akurate (music server)
  • Berkeley Audio Design: Alpha Dac (dac)
  • Olive: 6HD (music server)
  • Yamaha: NP-S2000 (network player)


  • Quad: 77 (integrated amplifier) ; 99 (power amplifier) ; 909 (power amplifier) ; 306 (power amplifier) ; 303 (power amplifier) ; 405-2 (power amplifier) ; 99 (preamplifier) ; 66 (preamplifier) ;  33 (preamplifier) ; 34 (preamplifier) ; 44 (preamplifier) ; FM4 (tuner) ; AM3 (tuner)


  • Harman/Kardon: HD-980 (cd player)


  • Belles: 150A (power amplifier) ;
  • Yamaha: CX-2 (preamplifier) ; MX-2 (power amplifier)


  • Yba: Passion 1000 (preamplifier) ; Passion 1000 (power amplifier)
  • Meridian: 808 (cd player)


  • Sugden: HA-4 (headphone amplifier) ; IA-4 (integrated amplifier) ; A21A series 2 (integrated amplifier) ; Stage One (phono) ; Stage Two (phono) ; Masterclass (preamplifier)

Nymph Audio

  • Classè: CAV-75 (mch power amplifier) ; Tuner 1 (tuner) ; DR-6L (preamplifier) ; Ten (power amplifier)
  • Pass Labs: Aleph 3 (power amplifier)
  • Threshold: Fet Ten/HL (preamplifier) ; CAS-1 (power amplifier) ; NS10 (preamplifier) ; 400A (power amplifier) ; S-300 II (power amplifier)
  • Kinergetics: KCD-20 (cd player) ; SW-800C (subwoofer crossover) ; KCD-40 (cd player) ; KBA-380 (power amplifier)
  • Accuphase: C-200 (preamplifier) ; C-230 (preamplifier) ; P-300 (power amplifier) ; T-100 (tuner) ; E-303 (integrated amplifier)
  • Luxman: DC-1 (cd player) ; M-02 (power amplifier) ; MX-100 (power amplifier)
  • Goldmund: Mimesis 8 (power amplifier)
  • Bryston: 3B-NPB (power amplifier) ; 3B (power amplifier)
  • Adcom: GFA-555 (power amplifier) ; GFA-5500 (power amplifier) ;
  • Krell: KAV-500 (mch power amplifier)
  • Audio Research: LS1 (preamplifier)

Kougioumtzoglou Kyriakos

  • Metronome Tecnologie: C2A Sisgnature (dac)
  • Jadis: JPS2 (preamplifier)
  • TLA: Reikos (phono preamplifier) ; Hermes (preamplifier)

Piano Piano!

  • Luxman: 5C50 (preamplifier) ;T-34 (tuner)
  • Marantz: Model 140 (power amplifier)
  • Quad: 33 (preamplifier) ; 303 (power amplifier)
  • Pioneer: SA-606 (integrated amplifier)

Damien Penaud

  • Rotel: RCD-971 (cd player)
  • Nad: S500I (cd player)
  • Primaluna: Prologue One (integrated amplifier)


  • Sherbourn: SR-120 (mhc receiver)

Sauro Fantechi "Uguccione"

  • Bang&Olufsen: Beocenter 2300 ;
  • Sansui: SC-1330 (cassette player)

Migliardo M . (Kangurotto)

  • Sony: CDP-XB720 (cd player)
  • Akai: GX-F25 (cassette players)
  • Denon: DCD-695 (cd player)
  • Philips: CDR-765 (cd recorder)

Maurizio Tonelli (Mauz)

  • Ion Systems: Obelisk 100 (integrated amplifier)

David Bruce

  • Bryston: 5B (preamplifier)

Brad Mallory

  • Halcro: DM-38 (power amplifier)

Vadim Р Вадим

  • Parasound: Halo A-23 (power amplifier)

Christiaan Punterhifi-Advice.Com

  • Aurender:  S-10 (music server)
  • Audiomeca:  Enkianthus (dac)
  • Jeff Rowland: BPS-6 (power supply) ; Coherence II (preamplifier) ; Model 2 (power amplifier) ;
  • Clearaudio: Smart Matrix (record cleaner) 
  • Dcs: delius (dac)
  • Cyrus: 6 (int. amplifier)
  • Mark Levinson: 39 (cd player) ; BPS-2 and BPS-6 (power supply)
  • Lindemann: D680 (sacd player)
  • Linn: LK85 (power amplifier)
  • Meridian: 551 (int amplifier) ; 606 (cd player) ; Soloos Media Drive 600 (storage)
  • Musical fidelity: A3CR (preamplifier) ; A3CR (power amplifier)
  • Nakamichi: Dragon (tape deck)
  • Proceed: PDT-3 (cd transport)
  • Sony: CDP-XA50ES (cd transport)
  • Wadia: 1000 (dac)

Mike Sveda

  • Onkyo Integra dtm-5.3
  • Marantz sr4021

Jonah Riikonen

  • Copland:  csa-515 (power amplifier)
  • Focal:  Chorus 706v, chorus 726, Chorus 726v, Electra 926 (speakers)
  • Philips:  dvd-963sa (dvd player)
  • American Audio:  vlp-1500 (professional power amplifier)
  • Eaw: caz1400, caz2500 (professional power amplifier)
  • Behringer:  inuke 3000 (professional power amplifier)
  • T.amplifier:  s-100 mk2  (professional power amplifier)
  • Audio Pro:  Ace Bass 2 (subwoofer), focus sa-4,
  • Yaqin:  mc-100b mk2 (power amplifier)
  • Yamaha:  rx-a2010 (surround receiver)

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