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Stereo and audio-video electronics, speakers, pc and studio hardware, dacs, cables... Thousands of products to explore.

Discover What Is Inside Hundreds Of Brands, And If Hiend Is Pure Marketing Or Not! This Is The Biggest Storage Of Stereo And Audio Video Products.

Amplifier, preamplifier, cd player, dvd player, etc
Speakers from the vintage to the modern ones. Has technology improved them or not?
Discover the build quality and the chip inside



Active speakers, audio card
The doubt of many: are they better than the standard ones?
The sound quality decrease with low quality parts. Learn to recognize their brands.

Learn about Hifi etc.

A quick FAQ guide to Hifi and everything related to audio.
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What is a balanced circuit? This and many othe douubt of many of us are explained in this section. It is useful to use at its best this website and the inside photos of every hifi product
What is the mastering? This and many othe doubt of many of us are explained in this section.

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